GazeTracker has been designed from the beginning as a tool that has a short learning curve, allowing you to get going quickly, while having the power to make sense of the huge quantities of data that is generated by Smart Eye’s eye tracking software and displaying your results clear, correct and customized. So that you can concentrate on the experiment’s outcome rather than technicalities.

GazeTracker™ offers the latest in image, web, user interface and video analysis, combining its unmatched analytical power with simple, easy-to-use platforms that let you focus on moving your business or research forward.

Gaze Tracker provides:

  • Stimulus Presentation / Recording
  • Still Image Analysis
  • Software Analysis (including Web Content)
  • Video Analysis
  • Information Synchronization
  • Data Analysis and Visualization as gaze trails, heat maps or graphs
  • Providing ROI, Dynamic ROI, gaze pattern, fixation points, automatic ROI creation on websites, statistics and much more
  • Designed for a single screen setup

Gazetracker product sheet