Mapps Add-ons

In addition to MAPPS Basic and Pro the following useful add-ons are available:

Real-time mode for MAPPS
Visualize all data in real time as the data is being collected. Requires MAPPS Pro.

Enables analysis and visualization of multiple simultaneous subjects. Requires MAPPS Pro.

Streaming ROI API
Provides an API which allows regions of interest to be marked in real-time as they are generated. This can be very useful in simulator type environments where ROI may be known at run time and can be transmitted and saved auto- matically. Requires MAPPS Pro.

Audio Recording and Playback
Record and playback synchronized audio. Requires MAPPS Pro or MAPPS Single Screen Stimulus Recording Package.

MATLAB interface

  • Request and access synchronized multi-model data streams from MAPPS in real-time
  • Publish data to MAPPS for visualization in real-time
  • Implicit data synchronization
  • Data types supported include signals, video overlays, graphs, ROIs
  • Heart Rate
  • Locate QRS complex locations
  • Compute heart rate and variability
  • Poincare analysis