Applied AI Systems (AIS) Paving the way to safer driving

Built to increase safety within public transport and commercial vehicles, our Applied AI Systems (AIS) are based on more than 20 years of automotive experience. The result is a complete Driver Monitoring System (DMS) that doesn’t leave anything to chance. With superior performance and intelligent features, the AIS is developed to make every trip a safer journey.

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Focus forward

One of the most common reasons for road accidents is distractions or lack of attention. An increase of focus will reduce the number of accidents. AIS is the only driver monitoring system with gaze tracking – tracking the operator’s point of gaze, ensuring that focus stays on the road.

and preventing.

With infrared technology AIS can identify and interpret the operator’s actions and level of attentiveness.

Safety Features

Applied AI Systems (AIS) is full of safety features that help protect drivers, passengers, road-users and pedestrians.

User Identity Authentication

Secures that the vehicle is driven by certified drivers.


Alerts when sleepiness, drowsiness or yawning is detected.

Dangerous behavior

Detects distractions like eating, drinking, smoking or phone calls.

Focus forward

Makes sure that focus stays on the road with gaze tracking.

High accuracy recognition

Recognizes all kind of faces. Face mask or sunglasses? No problem.



High intelligence, great flexibility.

AIS is based on decades of data from sensing in real interior vehicle environments. The system is scalable and developed with open API – it can easily be upgraded and integrated with other systems.

Developed, designed and engineered in Sweden.

Our automotive solutions are embedded in production cars and the next generation of self-driving vehicles. Our research instruments give scientists a deeper understanding of human behavior at hundreds of universities and research sites around the world. We have developed groundbreaking eye tracking solutions for clients like NASAHarvard UniversityTonji UniversityBMW and Geely.

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