Driver Monitoring System | Interior Sensing for vehicle integration

In-car AI technology for integration in interior vehicle environments

Smart Eye Automotive Solutions is market leader in Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Interior Sensing algorithms for integration in vehicles.

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Driver Monitoring System around the world
Driver Monitoring System and Eye Tracking experience

Smart Eye’s DMS solution offers eye tracking software for integration in passenger cars and other vehicles to facilitate better safety and other functions that improve the user experience. By studying a person’s eye, face and head movements, Smart Eye’s interior vehicle algorithms can draw conclusions about a person’s alertness, attention and focus. Today, car manufacturers (OEM:s) that has included the technology include German premium car manufacturers as well as one of China’s largest OEM:s, Geely. Smart Eye is the market leader within the Automotive industry, paving the way for high performance reliability, precision, optimized costs and availability.

“Smart Eye has a proven ability to meet the automotive industry’s demanding requirements concerning quality, safety, reliability, durability and delivery capability.”

– Martin Krantz, CEO and Founder of Smart Eye

Eye Tracking in vehicles

Smart Eye Automotive Solutions is market leading in Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Interior Sensing algorithms for integration in vehicles.


Certain eye movements can reveal whether the driver is sleepy, enabling the car to warn the driver and, if needed, stop the car.

Passenger monitoring

Cameras placed in other parts of the vehicle can monitor passengers in order to adjust safety features such as airbags in certain situations.


Increased use of mobile phones while driving has made a lack of attentiveness more common, creating the need for a digital AI backup driver to minimize the risk of accidents.

Speech identification

In multi-modal applications such as combining head/eye-tracking with voice interaction, the ability to identifying who is speaking is important, e.g. to distinguish a driver command from words spoken by a passenger or a voice on the radio.

HMI Interaction

By following the driver’s gaze, the car can tone down or highlight information and entertainment systems. Or start the rear windshield wiper when the driver glances in the mirror.

Enhanced Warning System

Combining information about the driver’s viewing direction and attention level with data from forward looking camera/radar systems will enable enhanced warning strategies, e.g. allow unnecessary warnings to be suppressed.


Eye tracking can identify the person in the driver’s seat, and adjust personalized settings regarding seat position, mirrors, playlists etc accordingly.

Full AI-suite

Artificial Intelligence can enhance head/eye-tracking and Interior Sensing systems in many ways. Our AI-suite allow us to make best possible use of AI both for improving the performance of our embedded algorithms, and for training and developing new complex user functions.

One size doesn’t fit all.

To meet the demands of the automotive industry, our solutions are designed to be as scalable as possible. That’s why our software’s list of capabilities is longer than any competitors’ on the market. For the same reason, we’ve developed a hardware-agnostic platform that can make use of challenging processors and infrastructure for efficient integration. Thanks to our Modular Driver Monitoring System, our customers can choose to handle computing locally, on the periphery or in central processors to fit different needs.


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Driver Monitoring System - How it works
Driver Monitoring System - How it works

The safety and convenience features of tomorrow.

The desire to break new ground is in our DNA. Together with research partners such as Nvidia, NXP, Volvo Cars Corporation, Neonode, Omnivision and Osram, we’re currently hard at work developing the next generation of eye tracking technology.

Tomorrow’s cabin sensing features will include detection of passenger position, safety belt status and forgotten objects, as well as enabling multimodal functionality such as deeper AI and mood recognition.

So the car is able to seamlessly transfer control of the vehicle to an awake and able driver. Call for help in a medical emergency. Or offer to play the perfect song for the moment.

Driver Monitoring System | Interior sensing for vehicle integration

Decades of research.
Available in 5 minutes.

To ensure the shortest possible time to market, our professional services help you evaluate and integrate our automotive solutions in the production chain. We offer customers everything from DMS Solution Architects to DMS Product Designers, typically divided in the following packages:

  1. Evaluation Kit: Get to know our technology with our evaluation kit, consisting of a mobile solution with software and hardware made to plug and drive. In addition, we offer a number of services like on-site installation and training.
  2. Production Program: To ensure smooth integration, we offer a number of services supporting the launch of DMS in the production chain. Our consultants can help you set up a reference platform, to optimize capabilities, cost and logistics for deliverables ranging from software to full hardware systems.

The road towards safer mobility.

Euro NCAP is considered the most important vehicle safety rating system. In their 2025 Roadmap, driver monitoring systems are identified as a primary safety feature, required in order to achieve full marks in safety. Smart Eye’s technology is optimized meet the new safety requirements.

The European Parliament’s legislation for safe, clean and connected mobility includes specific regulations to mandate that new car models are equipped with advanced safety features. From mid-2022 all new cars, vans, buses and lorries are to be sold with factory-equipped features detecting drowsiness and distraction monitoring.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development urges countries to implement activities according to five pillars in their report ”Considerations in support of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development”. One of which is ”safer vehicles – by encouraging universal deployment of improved vehicle safety technologies”.

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