How Eye Tracking Benefits Automotive HMI Research and Development

Are you curious about how automotive HMI research and development can take the next step towards seamless human-machine interaction?

Then be sure to mark December 3rd 2020, 6PM CET in your calendar.

In this live webinar, Robert Wesley (Smart Eye Sales Director), Aaron Galbraith (Smart Eye Sales Engineer) and Nam Nguyen (iMotions Neuroscience Product Specialist) will explain how tracking someone’s eye and head movements provide automotive engineers, researchers and scientists with an edge while facing future R&D challenges.

Why attend?

The automotive industry’s technology is constantly in flux.  As a result, the automobile working environment is ever expanding, continually reaching new levels of complexity.  To keep up with the technological advances, the pressure on HMI research and development is greater than ever.

For over 20 years, Smart Eye has worked in close cooperation with the automotive industry.  We would like to use our experience and knowledge to share how using a 3D, remote head and eye tracking system can benefit HMI Research and Development.  We’ll do so by discussing the challenges and issues of HMI R&D, and then by introducing you to the technology that will help you overcome the pressure.

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  • How to identify some of the most important issues and challenges for automotive HMI engineers, scientists and researchers.
  • Which tools can help you stay on top of HMI research and development in the future.
  • How eye and head tracking can assist automotive HMI design, development and research processes.
How Eye Tracking Benefits Automotive HMI Research and Development

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Thursday December 3rd, 2020 | 6 PM CET