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Integrate the future in today’s cars.

Combine Driver Monitoring and Interior Sensing for the next level in automotive safety and convenience. Our algorithms are developed to run on any platform, and can make full use of the car’s existing infrastructure. A robust, scalable and cost-efficient solution built on 20 years of automotive experience.

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 Driver Monitoring Systems

Connect car and driver for a safer journey.

Our eye tracking solutions are at the heart of Driver Monitoring Systems in passenger cars on the road today. By studying a person’s eye, face and head movements, our algorithms can draw conclusions about a person’s alertness, attention and focus, for increased real-life road safety. The AI-powered technology also paves the way for autonomous driving, as it makes it possible for tomorrow’s cars to seamlessly transfer control to an alert and attentive driver.

Interior Sensing

Extend the intelligence to the entire cabin.

With Interior Sensing, tomorrow’s cars will be able to identify people, pets and everyday objects for an enhanced passenger experience. This enables future safety and convenience features such as checking passenger position before air bag deployment, intuitive entertainment interfaces, in-car deliveries and preventing sleeping children from being left behind.

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In the new EU legislation, from mid-2022, all new cars put on the EU market will have to be equipped with advanced safety systems.
The following definitions are referring to Smart Eye’s technology:
– ‘Driver drowsiness and attention warning’
– ‘Advanced driver distraction warning’

Euro NCAP is considered the most important vehicle safety rating system. In their 2025 Roadmap, driver monitoring systems are identified as a primary safety feature, required in order to achieve full marks in safety.