11 June, 2019

Driver Monitoring product launched in Shanghai, June 11-13

Smart AI launch for China Commercial Vehicle DMS market.

Road accidents continue to take lives. Each day more than 3.000 persons die and more than 100.000 are injured worldwide. United Nations have made it a primary objective to reduce the number of deaths and injuries, coupled to the transportation system that is such an important and integral part of a modern economy. Safe and sustainable transport of people and goods is a prerequisite for positive global development.

The solution to the world’s traffic accident epidemic is not one single measure but a combination of better roads, cars, driver training, improvements in technology and legislation. As an answer to close to 700 traffic related deaths each day, Chinese authorities are now charging into action demanding driver monitoring to mitigate risk factors such as lack of attention, distraction and drowsiness. These rules will apply to commercial transports such as long-haul buses and dangerous goods trucks.

In response to this life-saving opportunity now opening up in China, Smart Eye has proceeded to further develop its stand-alone DMS system, the Smart AI, and prepare it for the demanding automotive requirements coupled with high volume production. The result is a product ready to meet the Chinese legal requirements for buses and long-haul transports. The product launch is timed with CES Asia in Shanghai June 11-13.

“We are continuously evaluating where our efforts can save the most lives utilizing synergies from already existing products. We regard the current opportunity in China as a prime strategic focus for making a big impact. We’re migrating technology initially developed for European premium car makers, transferring it to the China commercial vehicle market. This is a life-saving endeavor. We regard it as highly beneficial that the technological development is accelerated by legislative efforts”, says Martin Krantz, CEO of Smart Eye.

Smart AI is one of few driver monitoring systems capable of accurate eye tracking, following the operator’s point of gaze ensuring that focus stays on the road. Furthermore, Smart AI is packed with safety features that help protect drivers, passengers, road-users and pedestrians:

– User identity authentication (ensuring a certified driver)

– High accuracy recognition (all faces, including facemask and sunglasses)

– Enhanced warning system (alerts sleepiness, distractions and yawning)

– Focus forward

– Dangerous behaviour (eating, drinking, smoking)

Smart Eye’s local presence in China includes the office in Chongqing and customers such as Geely and Tongji University for which eye tracking products and DMS software technology have been delivered.

Visit https://smarteye.se/smart-ai/ for more

Written by Jessika Falkenby
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