Our view on sustainability

The history of humanity is the history of innovation. Technological breakthroughs generally lead to an increase in human productivity, creating conditions that raise the standard of living for every generation. We believe that this formula for progress holds true, and that future technology will enable all of us to lead safer, healthier, happier and more connected lives.

Our contribution to a more sustainable tomorrow is Human Insight AI, technology that understands, supports and predicts human behavior in complex environments. By bridging the gap between humans and machines, enabling a deeper understanding of how people interact with each other and the world around them, our solutions drive growth in a number of industries, while also having a direct impact on individual lives.

In automotive, our technology makes car journeys safer today, and paves the way for autonomous driving and more efficient mobility systems tomorrow. Our research instruments and pioneering use of Emotion AI help prevent accidents and pilot errors in aviation, new discoveries in neuroscience, psychology and medicine, and enables more human-centric content and interfaces in the digital world, to name a few.

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