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May 31, 2022

Introducing Smart Eye Pro 10: Streamlined Set Up with Enhanced User-Friendly Experience

Already the world’s most advanced remote eye tracking system, the Smart Eye Pro multi-camera system scales to include up to 8 cameras, ideal for complex research environments, setups and situations. Today’s announcement of Smart Eye Pro 10 release includes a number of hardware and software components that will enhance user experience and significantly streamline product set up.

Smart Eye is always looking for ways we can improve our products for our customers. It’s really important to us that we continuously apply user feedback to constantly provide value to our customers with product enhancements. For researchers working in complex environments, the most common request was to make our systems even easier to use, and we are excited to be able to deliver on that today.

For our customers that already have the Smart Eye XO software, they can now upgrade it from 60 or 120 Hz frame rate to 120Hz or 250 Hz with a simple  software upgrade, similar to our recent announcement of Aurora 250 and Expansion Box. This increased 250 Hz frame rate allows research groups to study eye movements in more depth, as it more accurately detects the start and end point of fixations and saccades. This is important in many research studies where short saccades are common. The increased frame rate also reduces the latency of the eye tracker output, or the time from when the actual eye movement occurs to when the data is calculated and output generated from the eye tracker. This low latency is a critical component in interactive psychology research such as gaze contingency research where what is being displayed on the screen depends on eye movements of the subject.)

Another new feature of this release includes our eye tracker management tool, “Smart Eye Go.” Smart Eye Go allows researchers to remotely control the Smart Eye Pro system, giving users the functions needed to operate the software, and thus get direct access to the data. This application is a simple user interface that allows users to calibrate gaze for the Smart Eye Pro system set up, which is a user-friendly addition that empowers researchers with more autonomy in their experiments.

In addition to this updated software release and application, a number of improvements have been made to the Smart Eye Pro hardware to ease the experience of use. In the past, our multi-camera setup could often be challenging to install in complex environments – such as flight simulators – as the user must be well versed in connections between the hardware components including cameras and IR illuminators and control hardware. This was not only a frequent customer request to streamline our system – for example, reducing the number of cables and freeing up valuable technical real estate in crowded setups – but a sustainable one as well. With the global component shortage being an ever-present issue, our updated hardware will also ensure that researchers have access to the hardware they need to conduct their valuable experiments.

The new hardware components include high resolution cameras, illuminators and exponator, which is our synchronization hardware to sync cameras and illuminators. The new exponator has improved diagnostic features that makes the system operation more efficient, as it clearly indicates if all components in the system are working as expected. Should something go wrong, troubleshooting is quick as it is easy to spot which part is failing.

All of these aspects enable easier and more efficient setup and configuration.

With the release of Smart Eye Pro 10, Smart Eye continues its mission to make complex research environments much simpler to set up for our customers, and help make their lives easier to conduct their important work.



View technical specifications of Smart Eye Pro 10 here.

Want to know more about how Smart Eye Pro 10 works? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to set up a live demonstration.

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April 19, 2022

Smart Eye Receives Three Additional Driver Monitoring System Design Wins with Korean Car Manufacturer

Smart Eye has been selected by an existing customer to deliver its world-leading Driver Monitoring System software to three additional car models. The estimated revenue of the order is SEK 50 million based on estimated product life cycle projections.


Gothenburg, Sweden – April 19, 2022 – Smart Eye, the leading developer of DMS software to the automotive industry, will deliver its AI-based technology to three new car models with a global Korean car manufacturer. The customer has previously chosen Smart Eye’s DMS software for implementation in 16 of its earlier car models, and is now extending the technology to several additional models.

The new car models including Smart Eye’s technology are estimated to go into production already in the first half of 2023. The estimated revenue for the order is SEK 50 million, based on product life cycle volume projections.

”We are pleased to have yet another customer demonstrating their confidence in our capability to deliver the market leading solution for these critical safety systems”, said Martin Krantz, CEO and Founder of Smart Eye. “It is only natural for Smart Eye to keep extending our technology to additional car models with our existing customers. Over the last few years, we have seen how one OEM after another have trusted us to deliver DMS to new car models on existing platforms, and we expect this development to continue in the years to come.”

Smart Eye has now received a total of 93 design wins from 14 OEMs. The combined estimated lifetime value from current design wins is now larger than SEK 2,375 million. Estimated value over the product lifecycle from possible additional design wins with the car manufacturers on existing platforms is now SEK 4,425 million.

April 13, 2022

Smart Eye Announces Magnus Brunzell as new VP of Automotive Fleet and Aftermarket Business Unit

Magnus Brunzell, Smart Eye’s newly appointed VP of Applied AI Systems, and Martin Krantz, Founder and CEO of Smart Eye.

Smart Eye, the pioneer of Human Insight AI, scales its automotive Fleet and Aftermarket business with new appointment.

Gothenburg, Sweden, April 13, 2022 – Smart Eye, the pioneer of Human Insight AI and global leader in AI-based Driver Monitoring and Interior Sensing, today announced the appointment of Magnus Brunzell as VP of Applied AI Systems. Brunzell will lead this business unit, responsible for the development and delivery of Smart Eye’s end-to-end Driver Monitoring Systems for fleet and aftermarket. By combining the company’s purpose-built proprietary hardware with its proven Driver Monitoring System (DMS) software, Smart Eye offers a plug-and-play product built on over 20 years of automotive experience, which Brunzell will help to scale globally.

Driver Monitoring Systems have become an increasingly important safety feature — not just in newer passenger cars, but also for trucks, buses and the millions of cars already on the road. As a result, the demand for complete, out-of-the-box and easy to install Driver Monitoring Systems, including both hardware and software, has grown steadily over the last few years. To target this new and rapidly growing market, Smart Eye started Applied AI Systems in 2019, with the purpose of delivering a high-performing and cost-effective safety solution for fleet and aftermarket that is Euro NCAP and GSR compliant.

Prior to being appointed its new VP, Brunzell has been deeply involved in the business unit as Director of Business Development, and has played an important role in developing Smart Eye’s first DMS product for fleet and aftermarket customers. Today, the business unit consists of developers and a team tasked with sales, marketing and partnership management. The majority of the team is based at Smart Eye’s headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

“Magnus has been part of the core team starting up this new business unit and bringing its first product to market,” said Martin Krantz, CEO and founder of Smart Eye. “The automotive fleet and aftermarket are significant growth markets for Smart Eye. This product is also intended for low volume truck and bus OEMs who can benefit from an out of the box solution. As proven by customer demand, our industry-leading technology addresses a void in this space. I have confidence in Magnus to take lead of Applied AI Systems as we start delivering this groundbreaking new DMS to fleet and aftermarket customers.”

“I’m very excited to step into this new role,” said Magnus Brunzell, newly-appointed VP of Applied AI Systems. “Over the past few years, I have seen how our hard work has resulted in an incredible Driver Monitoring System that is sure to take the automotive industry by storm. I’m beyond proud of what we have accomplished so far, and I look forward to seeing how our technology will make roads safer around the world and ultimately save lives.”

Brunzell has more than 25 years of experience in the automotive industry and has held a variety of technical, operations and business roles at companies including Alps Electric, Delphi Automotive Systems and Mecel. Brunzell has a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden.

To find out more about Smart Eye’s Driver Monitoring System for fleet and aftermarket, listen to the new episode of the Human-Centric AI Podcast with Magnus Brunzell here.

Gabi Zijderveld
Smart Eye AB

Hailey Melamut
Senior PR Director
Walker Sands

April 12, 2022

E-BOOK: ユーロNCAPは、ドライバ ー モニタリングシステム (DMS) をいかに 新しい安全基準へと導いていくのか?





ユーロNCAPとは何でしょうか。次に発表される評価プロトコルは、道路を走る事実上すべての新車モデルの構造に どのように影響していくでしょうか。自動車モデルが求められる5つ星の評価を受けるには何が必要でしょうか。


April 11, 2022

Smart Eye publishes the Annual Report 2021

For Smart Eye, 2021 was a record year on all fronts. When we started 23 years ago, it was as an eye tracking company with a big vision. Since then, we have broadened the scope.

The acquisition of Affectiva in June secured the world’s leading Emotion AI, strengthening our position in Interior Sensing, and adding strong capacity in machine learning and data acquisition and annotation to the company. With the acquisition of iMotions in November, we now have access to a multimodal software platform for combining physiological signals.

We call this Human Insight AI, a whole new category of technology that helps understand, support and predict human behavior in complex environments. From automotive to behavioral research – 2021 made it clear there is a pent-up demand for our technology.

Click here to read the Annual Report 2021.