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February 17, 2021

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Coming soon: the AIS

Thursday March 11th at 9:00 we will unveil the AIS for the very first time in our live digital launch event.

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January 13, 2021

Smart Eye announces design win from Chinese OEM

Smart Eye AB receives a new design win from one of China’s largest OEMs. The order is for one new car model on a new platform, with an estimated revenue of 50 MSEK, based on forecasts of the estimated product life cycle. The potential value from additional design wins on the new platform exceeds 300 MSEK.

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January 7, 2021

Smart Eye Previews New Aftermarket Driver Monitoring System at All-Digital CES® 2021

Smart Eye AB, the world leading developer of eye tracking software for driver monitoring systems, will be exhibiting at the first all-digital CES. Apart from showcasing the company’s advanced AI-based technology, the exhibit will offer a first sneak peek of Smart Eye’s new aftermarket driver monitoring system.

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December 14, 2020

Smart Eye Field Tests The New AIS Aftermarket Product - Raising Haulage Industry Safety Standards

Smart Eye, a leading developer of AI-powered Driver Monitoring Technology, is preparing for the launch of their new aftermarket DMS system by conducting field tests with haulage company Ernsts Express. Based on the test results, Smart Eye expects to gain valuable insights on how to raise the safety standards for the automotive aftermarket.

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To find out more about the field tests and see test driver Jonas Hedh try out Smart Eye’s new product, visit here.

December 10, 2020

Introducing the Smart Eye Pro 9.1

Since its launch, the Smart Eye Pro has helped researchers see beyond their previous limitations. As accurate as it is versatile, the Smart Eye Pro has been the ultimate research partner for car and flight simulators, vehicle studies, multi-screen or control room environments, long-range tracking, mobiles, tablets and single screens around the world.

Now, the world’s most advanced remote eye tracking system is able to see even further. As of today, we are proud to introduce the new Smart Eye Pro 9.1.

The Smart Eye Pro 9.1 takes the great accuracy and large visual field of the original model and combines it with an increased flexibility. The multi-camera system allows 360-degree head and eye tracking in any lighting conditions, even when large parts of the face is covered.

If there’s anything this year has taught us, it’s the importance of versatility in our research instruments. Covid-19 has not only affected our daily lives, it has also forced us to adjust the way we do research, whether this means switching up locations or wearing a face mask. With this in mind, we have developed the Smart Eye Pro 9.1 as a system that adapts to you and your research – not the other way around.

Watch as our sales engineer Sebastian Johansson demonstrates the new functions of the Smart Eye Pro 9.1 in the video below.

The new features of the
Smart Eye Pro 9.1 include:

  • Very accurate head and eye tracking, even when the subject is wearing a face mask or some other object that partly covers the face
  • Effective in situations where helmets and oxygen masks cover most of the face, which are common for many of our aviation customers
  • Allows you to set a world coordinate system to an anchor point in the real world, reducing the need to have a mount for the chess board to reproduce original world coordinate systems
  • Synchronizes multiple systems in order to use the same point of origin for the world coordinate system, making it possible for multiple systems to use the same world model and that the output data is synchronized in both time and space


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