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March 26, 2019

Safer roads: EU lawmakers agree on life-saving technologies for new vehicles

From the European Parliament:

The new rules will require almost 30 different features or systems to be introduced in new vehicles of different types. The majority of technologies will become obligatory in May 2022 for new models (cars which haven’t been designed yet) and from May 2024 for existing models.

The other advanced life-saving systems to be introduced in new vehicles include: automated emergency breaking, advanced driver distraction warning, emergency lane keeping, reversing detection system, alcohol interlock installation facilitation and emergency stop signal.

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March 14, 2019

Greenlight from EU Parliament: all motor vehicles to be equipped with driver drowsiness, attention and distraction warning systems

During the plenary session on 11-14 March, the European Parliament greenlighted a set of new rules to make advanced safety equipment mandatory in all new vehicles sold on the EU market. The measures were proposed by the European Commission in May last year, stating that all motor vehicles shall be equipped with driver distraction, drowsiness and attention warning system.  

According to the European Parliament the new rules would include:

–          Driver drowsiness and attention warning if alertness is insufficient

–          Distraction warning to alert the driver if the level of visual attention to the traffic situation is low

According to the Parliament, the new rules partly aim to adapt to new causes of distractions for drivers, especially the use of electronic devices. It is also a way to help drivers get use to autonomous technologies in vehicles.

For Smart Eye the greenlight from the EU Parliament is positive since it could increase the speed of implementation of DMS technology on the European market even further, and in the end save more lives.

The new rules still have to be negotiated with the Council before they can enter into force.

March 12, 2019

Product launch: XO

Meet the new Smart Eye XO, a combination of Aurora hardware and Smart Eye Pro software.

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February 28, 2019

Smart Eye names two additional car models

Today Smart Eye is able to name two additional car models from
BMW: BMW X3 and X4. 

Smart Eye’s DMS technology will aid gaining insights into the driver’s attention state, focus and drowsiness on the road, understanding and assisting the driver in necessary situations. Fulfilling the criteria of the new EU car safety agenda and approved proposal.

Smart Eye is proud to be an entrusted partner for the future generation of semi-autonomous cars together with the BMW Group, paving the way for a high-quality and safe drive.

BMW X3 and BMW X4 are two of the 43 design-wins Smart Eye currently holds with six OEMs. In a previous announcement Smart Eye revealed that BMW X5 and BMW 8-series also includes Smart Eye’s technology and represent the first and second design-win the company has from BMW.

February 21, 2019

European Parliament: all motor vehicles intended to be equipped with driver drowsiness, attention and distraction warning systems

Today, the European Parliament’s Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) voted to approve a range of new vehicle safety standards proposed by the European Commission in May last year. The proposal’s compromise amendments states that all motor vehicles shall be equipped with driver distraction, drowsiness and attention warning system.  

In the compromise amendments, based on the proposal from May last year, it is stated that all categories of vehicles shall be equipped with:

  • “advanced driver drowsiness and attention warning”
  • “advanced driver distraction warning”

“First of all, we see this as very positive. It potentially means that a lot of lives can be saved thanks to EU legislation. This initiative also increases the speed of the implementation of driver monitoring systems on the European market, and probably also in other markets”, says Martin Krantz, CEO of Smart Eye.

The proposed legislation still awaits final negotiations between the Parliament, Member States and the European Commission.

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