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November 8, 2018

Smart Eye renames one of its two business areas to Automotive Solutions

Today Smart Eye renamed one of its two business areas, previously known as Applied Solutions, to Automotive Solutions. This is a result of an increased demand from the automotive industry and thus a decision to focus efforts even more towards that segment.


November 2, 2018

Summarizing October - Smart Eye Events

Gothenburg and Lindholmen Science Park was the venue for the semi-annual DDI conference in 2018. Driver Distraction and Inattention is nowadays an even more relevant topic within the automotive. An industry which aim for completely autonomous cars, but still the reality is that cars are driven by humans and their attention is crucial for today safety. The 3-day conference was with insight from different research. Perhaps the largest footprint were the EURO NCAP sessions on their future safety grading. EURO NCAP is to be considered as directly influential on car manufacturers revenues. Something that makes the industry and research to listen up and to adapt accordingly. EURO NCAP coming guidelines and grading is that those cars without any form of driver monitoring system (DMS) after 2020, will not be awarded with the highest 5-star safety grading.

Gothenburg is also the home town and location of the head office for Smart Eye. As one of the main sponsors of the DDI conference, Smart Eye was proud to invite the delegates of DDI for a Smart Eye office evening. Aside of getting familiar with Smart Eye’s almost new premises, there were also live demos of the Smart Eye Pro and the recently launched Smart Eye Pro DX. Smart Eye is deeply involved in the development of today and the future cars. For the purpose Smart Eye is divided into Applied Solutions, which solely serves the automotive Tier1 and OEM’s and Smart Eye Research Instruments, which is at the forefront of what is possible to achieve as for remote tracking technology in relation to the Human Factor. To summarize it was a great evening for Smart Eye to meet with the conference delegates. Smart Eye wishes all attending the best success in future research endeavors!

October 31, 2018

The world with eye tracking - an interview with Smart Eye CEO Martin Krantz

How is eye tracking a part of a sustainable future?
Can eye tracking tell when a driver is ill? 
And how will AI affect our lives?
And more. 

October 25, 2018

Smart Eye Interim Report January – September 2018

Smart Eye Interim Report January – September 2018:

Swedish version:
English version (click below):

October 19, 2018

Our latest Smart Eye Event!

This week Smart Eye hosted a special event at our Gothenburg HQ with guests from the Driver Distraction and Inattention Conference (DDI 2018).

Did you know that our office has been nominated the most beautiful office in Sweden?

A sample of images from the event below: