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January 8, 2019

Smart Eye at CES

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January 8, 2019

FILM: This is Smart Eye

Ever wondered what we do?
We bridge the gap between man and machine. This is how we do it.

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January 7, 2019

Ambarella and Smart Eye partner to deliver next generation AI-based Driver Monitoring

Ambarella CV22AQ CVflow computer vision processor and Smart Eye tracking technology enable embedded driver and in-cabin monitoring systems with advanced features.

Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), a leading developer of high-resolution video processing and computer vision semiconductors, and Smart Eye, a world leader in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered eye, mouth, and head tracking technology, today announced they are partnering to deliver a Driver Monitoring System (DMS) platform that tracks driver actions and intentions. The platform is based on Ambarella’s CV22AQ CVflow™ computer vision processor, which offers best-in-class image processing and high-performance AI computing at low power consumption, typically below 2.5 watts. Smart Eye AI software running on CV22AQ will make it possible for automotive OEMs and tier-1s to deploy a new generation of driver and in-cabin monitoring systems with advanced AI features, increasing safety and convenience for drivers and passengers.

“We are very pleased to be working with Ambarella to enable advanced AI in the next generation of compact driver and in-cabin monitoring camera designs,” said Martin Krantz, CEO of Smart Eye.

“The pairing of Ambarella’s CVflow high-performance, low power consumption computer vision processing with Smart Eye’s growing array of high-accuracy and AI-based driver monitoring algorithms offers a highly-effective, scalable solution for Smart Eye’s OEM and tier-1 customers. With the Ambarella CV22AQ, Smart Eye is able to provide high-resolution, high-precision head pose, gaze, eyelid and mouth tracking in 60Hz paired with concurrent execution of our growing portfolio of AI-based interior sensing algorithms.”

“We are seeing significantly increased demand for both driver and in-cabin monitoring cameras,” said Fermi Wang, President and CEO of Ambarella. “Powered by CV22AQ, this joint platform will allow system designers to fully optimize Smart Eye’s innovative tracking technology in high performance, low power system designs.”

The Ambarella CV22AQ offers support for both global shutter and rolling shutter CMOS sensors, both of which are required for in-cabin applications. The processor’s powerful Image Signal Pipeline (ISP), with support for RGB-IR color filter arrays, enables high-accuracy detection and monitoring, even in low-light in-cabin environments. Its High Dynamic Range (HDR) processing extracts maximum image detail in high-contrast scenes, further enhancing the computer vision capabilities of the chip and performance potential of Smart Eye algorithms. The CV22AQ CVflow architecture provides the computational power necessary for multi-camera monitoring system designs, running multiple AI algorithms on each video stream. CV22AQ includes a suite of advanced security features, including secure boot, TrustZone™, and I/O virtualization to protect against hacking.

About Ambarella 

Ambarella’s products are used in a wide variety of human and computer vision applications, including surveillance, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), electronic mirror, drive recorder, driver/cabin monitoring, autonomous driving, and robotic applications.  Ambarella’s low-power and high-resolution video compression, image processing, and deep neural network processors and software enable cameras to become more intelligent by extracting valuable data from high-resolution video streams.  For more information, please visit 

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December 28, 2018

What a year it has been for Smart Eye!

What a year it has been for Smart Eye!

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December 20, 2018

Our automotive solutions are a bit like Santa Claus.

It sees you when you’re sleeping,
it knows when you’re awake.

At the top of our wish list this year is a world with safer and thereby more sustainable transportation. That’s why we work hard to develop Driver Monitoring Systems that increase the safety level of today’s cars and enable autonomous driving tomorrow. To us, eye tracking is a small but vital part that can help save millions of lives globally each year.

Everyone at Smart Eye wishes you a wonderful holiday season, and hope that you’ll get to spend it together with those dearest to your heart.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!