Aurora setup


The Smart Eye Aurora, our high-performance eye tracker, delivers insights wherever you are. The small size of the Aurora makes it easy to switch between different screens and projects, without compromising on the performance.

Aurora setup

The Aurora User Guide below provides instructions on how to install, use and troubleshoot the Aurora eye tracker.

If you are using the Aurora together with iMotions and the Aurora EPU please follow instructions provided by iMotions for setting up your EPU first.

Mounting the Aurora on a screen

The Aurora mounts on a screen using a magnetic bracket that has to be installed onto the screen frame. Once the bracket is installed on the screen, the Aurora can easily be attached and detached. Follow the instructions in the Aurora Mounting Guide below to install your magnetic bracket.

Aurora Mounting Guide

Aurora expansion box

The Aurora Expansion Box is used to precisely synchronize the output from your Smart Eye application with other systems by time stamping external events with the clock on the Aurora. You can also use it to log smaller amount of data in the Aurora log.
Aurora Expansion Box User Guide