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Mix & match with plug-and-play solutions

Highlighted brands for automotive research:

Smart Eye Pro Eye Tracking

For non-intrusive eye tracking in automotive research, Smart Eye is the recommended solution. Offering high-end research grade eye tracking and tightly integrated with iMotions.

With the Smart Eye Pro/iMotions solution you can perform the following tasks:

  • Record data with iMotions directly capturing eye tracking from Smart Eye
  • Record scene video, environment video, eye tracking and biometric sensors in one software
  • 3D world model support for vector based eye tracking data
  • Live visualization of eye tracking data
  • Overlay eye tracking data on scene camera
  • Aggregate eye tracking data in 2d space
  • Markup and annotation both post and live
  • Create heatmaps of eye tracking data
  • Extract standard metrics like time to first fixation and many more
  • Export all raw data for further statistical analysis
  • Live forward all synchronized data via API for real-time processing