We develop technology that understands, simplifies and predicts human intentions and actions.

Eye tracking and AI

Making sense of vision.

Eye tracking is the art of capturing and measuring a person’s gaze and eye movements. By using sensors that detect the human eye in a given environment, it’s possible to collect and analyze the data to assess a person’s alertness, attentiveness and focus in order to create a clear picture of overall mood and awareness level. Basic eye trackers achieve this with an ordinary computer, while advanced systems use multiple cameras to track several subjects in more complex environments.

At Smart Eye, our focus is on developing eye tracking technology at the cutting edge. To do that, we rely on deep knowledge of the long chain that connects human actions and intentions with technology. From the anatomy of the eye and face, to optics and intelligent software. To make sense of the wealth of real-time data provided by our systems, we support our software and algorithms by using AI. Artificial intelligence is a necessary component when it comes to achieving our high standard for accuracy, predictability and stability. It’s also a critical success factor for when eye tracking is used in challenging environments, where light conditions vary or the subject’s eyes are partly covered.

Since our start, eye tracking has evolved from an interesting possibility to an established technology that lets others see further in a wide variety of fields. In the automotive industry, eye tracking is employed in driver monitoring systems and vehicle interior environments. In the world of medicine, eye tracking is used in research and neuroscience, where it can help diagnose patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. The aviation and defense industries use eye tracking for research, development and educational purposes. Eye tracking can also be used to interact with computers in a more intuitive way. Which, if you know our history, is the original idea that made everything else possible.

Possibilities unlocked by eye tracking technology:

  • Analyzing and understanding human behaviour and interaction
  • Increased active safety and autonomous driving in automotive
  • Intuitive interaction between people and artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Hands-free computer and system interaction

Tomorrow's safety and convenience features Integrated in today's cars.

Our business area Automotive Solutions develops software and algorithms for integration in mass-produced cars. Through Tier 1* manufacturers, who assemble them together with cameras and other hardware, our technology is at the heart of driver monitoring systems in today’s cars. In the near future, our technology will enable the automotive world to take another step towards fully autonomous cars. Thanks to the higher level of interaction between car and driver, tomorrow’s cars will be able to seamlessly transfer control of the vehicle, and react to the driver’s intentions and mental state to avoid accidents before they occur.

Even though reducing the number of traffic-related injuries and deaths is our first priority, eye tracking will also open up a wealth of possibilities when it comes to convenience features. As the next generation of eye tracking systems will be able to identify individuals and objects, the car’s interior systems and features can be customized to a greater extent. From seats that automatically adjust to individuals to windshield wipers activated by the driver’s gaze or infotainment systems that can sense the driver’s mood.

In 2017, Smart Eye launched the world’s first eye tracking system that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide even more reliable data about a driver’s actions and intentions. Add our market leading numbers of design-wins and the number of cars launched, and it’s easy to see why Smart Eye is regarded as the world leader in eye tracking systems for the passenger vehicle industry.

We develop technology that understands, simplifies and predicts human intentions and actions.

Scalable solutions that save lives.

Platform-independent software

Our hardware agnostic strategy for Automotive Solutions makes it possible for our customers to benefit from investments being made in the smartphone industry. As processors developed for smartphones subsequently become qualified for the automotive industry, new, improved chips continuously become available for series production. Smart Eye’s technology is thereby compatible with most relevant Electronic Control Units (ECUs) and Systems on Chips (SOCs). Moreover, Smart Eye’s platform-independent software can be locked-in late in the development process. These strategic considerations have proven to be entirely in line with the automotive industry’s preferences. They also mean that Smart Eye’s technology can be generic, leading to few customer adaptations and highly efficient integration processes.

Developed for the automotive industry’s requirements

The automotive industry has exceptional requirements for performance, precision and availability. First, our solutions must work on an optimized platform, use processor power conservatively and be able to be implemented cost effectively. Second, the technology must also be capable of determining where a person is looking and how open his or her eyelids are with a high level of precision, nearly 100% of the time. And lastly, it must work all over the world and in all environments, regardless of light conditions or if the driver is wearing sunglasses or covering his or her face. Having collaborated with the automotive industry since our start, our organization and development processes are well-attuned to the needs of the automotive industry. Therefore, it’s not surprising that our technology meets or exceeds these highly placed requirements from the world’s leading car manufacturers.

Market key players

Tier1: When original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), in the automotive industry purchase components based on products such as Smart Eye’s eye tracking software, they do so via so called Tier 1 suppliers. In this context Smart Eye is a Tier 2 supplier to these Tier 1 suppliers.

Automotive solutions

See further with the world’s finest instruments.

High precision eye tracking for complex tasks and high demands

Through Research Instruments, we offer carefully crafted eye tracking systems that help researchers see further in aviation, space, automotive, medicine and academic research. As our most advanced eye trackers have the capacity to combine up to eight cameras, they are ideal for complex and precision-based tasks in more demanding research, development and educational environments. The unparallelled performance lets scientists study human behaviour in greater detail than ever before, and is currently paving the way for new insights in neuroscience and behavioural science.

As a supplier of premium eye tracking systems, we have earned the trust of NASA, Boeing, the US Air Force, General Motors, Harvard University and Stanford University among others. In other words, there’s no need to study the specifications to see that we deliver at the cutting edge of technology.

We develop technology that understands, simplifies and predicts human intentions and actions.