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三月 25, 2020

Blog: How we are responding to the COVID-19 at Smart Eye



如今,眼动追踪已成为一项成熟的技术,在科学和商业领域广泛应用. 我们的主要业务领域包括:


为解读现实,您不能只看到眼前的景象. 历经多年持续不断的创新与研发,Smart Eye汽车系统解决方案已于真实驾驶环境中投入使用. 在任何环境中,都可以帮助驾驶员保持警醒,安全和舒适.






三月 25, 2020

Blog: How we are responding to the COVID-19 at Smart Eye

As the entire world faces an unusual public health emergency, the global co […]


三月 19, 2020

Smart Eye crowned by success, announces 24 new design wins with four different OEMs in one fell swoop

Of the four OEMs two are new customers; one is an American high-volume car […]


二月 24, 2020

Blog: Will your future car also be your best friend?

This may seem like an exaggeration, but many of us already have a special r […]


一月 30, 2020

BLOG: “2010-2020: A decade of innovation at Smart Eye”

We can conclude that 2019 has been a significant one for Smart Eye. It’s be […]


一月 24, 2020

CEO blog: CES2020 is over – Smart Eye’s journey has just begun

By Martin Krantz, CEO of Smart Eye. DMS going mainstream in 2020. As the wo […]


一月 17, 2020

Our CES experience

“Productive meetings, fantastic technology and a world class team tha […]


一月 9, 2020

Video: CES Interview with Smart Eye CEO by AutoFutures

Smart Eye CEO Showcases Groundbreaking AI Eye Tracking Technology in Vegas […]


一月 7, 2020

Smart Eye receives design win from second Chinese OEM

Smart Eye AB (Nasdaq: SEYE), the market leader in Driver Monitoring Systems […]


一月 3, 2020

Smart Eye integrates the future in today’s cars through eye tracking and AI at CES® 2020

With 20 years of experience, 56 design wins and six car models on the road, […]


十二月 20, 2019

See you next year!

十二月 18, 2019

Official Journal of the European Union

The official Journal of the European Union road safety legislation is now p […]


十二月 16, 2019

Article from Dagens Industri announce Smart Eye as the “Share of the week”

In an article published by one of Sweden’s most prestigious business […]


A while back, our CEO Martin announced a new set of measures to help protect our people from the #coronavirus (COVID-19). In this article we give answers to the most common questions we receive from our stakeholders about the #COVID19. Read full article: https://bit.ly/2R00o35

#Throwback to CEO Martin's comments our latest and greatest 24 design wins & the current situation in the industry. “It’s important to keep in mind that #DMS is a safety system driven by #EU legislation, regulations and organizations such as #EuroNCAP.."👉https://bit.ly/39abd8U

✔ Smart Eye can finally announce 24 new design wins with 4 different OEMs.
This means that we now have a total of 81 design wins from 12 different OEMs. Fantastic news for Smart Eye!
Read full press release here: https://cisn.co/2UgDghv

Sales director Ulf Löfberg is attending a webinar with partner #VIgrade, discussing how head and #eyetracking can add value in systems where stress levels of drivers and passengers are defined both in driving simulators and in real vehicles. Join webinar: https://bit.ly/2WlvG80