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Smart Eye is founded on the belief that it’s only impossible until it works. Since our start in 1999, we’ve become the world leader in eye tracking technology by constantly seeing beyond limitations to identify new possibilities.

We do it through collaboration and a shared, creative curiosity that is a vital part of our culture. Want to join a global and diverse team of truth-seekers that won’t take no for an answer? Take a look at our open positions below.

Open positions

Life at Smart Eye

At Smart Eye, we believe in teamwork because that’s who we are. And because no one ever changed the world on their own. We cherish our open, inclusive and creative culture, that recognizes the value of each individual’s input.

No matter what your job description says, and regardless if you’re stationed in our offices in Gothenburg, Boston, Detroit, Cairo, Tokyo or Chongqing. Coming in to work on Monday morning should be fun, and we dare say it is.

What we believe in

Our core values define who we are as a company. We’re groundbreaking, and constantly seek to challenge existing boundaries. We’re persistent, and keep going not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.

We’re high-tech, with a deep technical knowledge of the entire chain connecting man and machine. And we’re human, recognizing the importance of a culture that puts value on each individual member of our team.

Our mission

Sustainable progress through science and technology for the benefit of all

Our mission is rooted in the social, ecological and technological challenges faced by future generations. We’re convinced that a world in better balance is within reach, and that the way forward is through technical advancements.

In that context, our expertise is a small but vital component for real progress toward a better, safer and sustainable world.

Our vision

The leading interface between human and artificial intelligence

We realize that perfect, seamless integration between man and machine is an unattainable concept. An insight that’s given us the motivation needed to get closer to it than anyone else.

Today, we’re the world leader in technology that understands, supports and predicts human actions and intentions, and we aim to lead our industry into tomorrow.

Core values

What our colleagues say

Clément DardenneResearch Engineer at Smart Eye Research Instruments

With an education in computer vision, machine learning and intelligent transportation systems Clément Dardenne was perfect for a job at Smart Eye. His French background means extra perspectives and an extra language added. That is good for all the international contacts included in the job.

Clement came to Smart Eye for an ‘end of student internship’ spring 2018 and just five month later he has already been hired.

– I work in the ‘Motion’ project were companies and universities work together with the goal is to get a better understanding of children’s behavior and how they are interacting with their environment, says Clément.

Deep learning
He is also working with the Deep Learning team on several projects, for instance try to improve head pose estimation, object detection, image detection and image augmentation to get a good performance in the neural networks.

– I think the work we do here is at the cutting edge of technology and science, says Clément.

Autonomous vehicles
Clément is specialized in computer visions which is a very broad subject. The working tasks include a lot of machine learning, camera calibration, 3D reconstruction of faces and putting out markers to be able to see emotions – angry, sad and sleepy for example.

“My dream is to work with autonomous vehicles. I think my knowledge will be useful in that field. But I don’t believe in total autonomous cars at the moment, humans still have to be present. But maybe in the future”, says Clément.

Solmaz ShahmehrVice President and Head of Business Area Research Instruments

Head and eye tracking information can be really useful to researchers. Solmaz Shahmehr and her team members, at Research Instruments, provide equipment at the very forefront of technology.

But it is not always easy to be working with cutting edge technology. When you are at the absolute front and the industry is behind you.

The most challenging and fun part of the job is being able to affect the industrial trends. Because we’re building a technology that is always ahead of the industry” says Solmaz.

Groundbreaking technology
During the 10 years she has been at Smart Eye, head and eye tracking has improved a lot. We are now seeing the technique out on the market used, for examples, in cars on the roads.
”It’s really fascinating to see that our technology has been deployed in serial production car programs such as Geely and BMW. It will help reduce accidents and make driving safer” says Solmaz.

Well-trained engineer and leader
Solmaz has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering and a Master of Science in Software Engineering and Technology from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden. She is a curious, positive person that enjoys her challenging role at Smart Eye.
”I see a challenge as something that I can learn from, and that makes it fun to me”, Solmaz concludes.

Peter RundbergTechnical Expert at Smart Eye Automotive Solutions

Driver monitoring is the next big thing in automotive industry and Smart Eye is one of the key players in this field. Peter Rundberg uses all of his technical expertise to make the company stay there.

His title is Technical Expert and that includes a lot of skills. It really means that he helps the customers get the most out of Smart Eyes products.

– There is so much happening in this business at the moment, so you need to stay sharp, says Peter.

Increases safety
Smart Eye provides software for understanding the driver in the driving scenario. Cameras focus the drivers face and the cabin and an algorithm review the state of the driver. This tech is useful because it can increase safety. If the car knows that the driver is falling asleep maybe it can come to a controlled stop, in the future.

– We offer cameras with active illumination that makes it possible to film even in complete darkness. The output from our driver monitoring algorithms can be blended with many sensors in the car to make a complete map of the situation, Peter explains.

Diverse team
Peter appreciates his talented colleagues – mathematicians, programmers and technicians from all around the globe. Solving problems together with them makes the job interesting.

– Working at Smart Eye is really fun. I am very much a problem solver. If there is a problem, I need to solve it. At Smart eye we do that every day and I love it!, says Peter.

Marcus ChristenssonTechnical Lead and Software Developer at Smart Eye Automotive Solutions

Good communication is always important. But it´s crucial when you work with developing technology that will be used for safety. For Marcus Christensson and his team understanding problems and solving them is a huge part of the job.

Marcus team focus on software projects towards the automotive industry were the customer has their own hardware platform and Smart Eye integrate a library of products on it.

“It´s important to solve problems together with the customer and make our products work well with their existing technique”, says Marcus.

Using AI
Smart Eye uses Artificial Intelligence together with traditional algorithms to better achieve an efficient system and handling the enormous data which originates from head and eye tracking. Sometimes there are so many corner cases that it´s hard to cover.

“As an engineer involved in testing or debugging a complex system I often run into corner cases. Anomalies that only occurs at some specificoccasions. Using AI can be a neat approach to handle such cases”, Marcus explains.

Human behavior

The main usage of Automotive Solutions products is to make cars understand if the driver is sleeping or if he/she is not focused on the task. It can measure how alert the driver is, and help if needed. It involves a lot of work to accomplish this.

”I like Smart Eye because it’s a very high-tech company. We are trying to understand human behavior which is a hard challenge. In order to do that, we need advanced algorithms with a high technical depth” says Marcus.

Our evolution


Smart Eye is founded


First system sale of two cameras to SAAB Automobile


Smart Eye Pro® is launched with three cameras and measurement in 3D; the first customer is Delphi Automotive


AntiSleep is launched for the automotive industry as the first system with a camera and full 3D measurement


Embedded AntiSleep, a collaboration with Visteon whereby the system is integrated in a camera with a built-in processor


Launch of Aurora, a removable, high-precision screen metering system


IPO at First North Nasdaq OMX Stockholm


US office opened in Detroit


The first time that eyetracking software is being procured for all car models of a production platform at the same time and 13 design wins from a European premium car manufacturer


Design win with a European premium car manufacturer with SOP 2019.


Opening of offices in Tokyo, Japan and Chongqing, China.


18th design win from one of China’s largest car manufacturers with SOP 2019. The order value is estimated to exceed 100 MSEK and 23 design wins in total


Additional design wins for an existing European customer.


It is announced that the BMW 3-series, BMW Z4, BMW X3, BMW X4, BMW X5 and BMW 8-series includes Smart Eye’s technology.


The Smart AIS product is launched. For automotive aftermarket, launched in Shanghai in June 2019.


EU approves a regulation that all motor vehicles shall be equipped with driver drowsiness, attention and distraction warning systems between 2022-2026.


27 design wins received during 2019, 14 of which with a global Korean OEM and 13 of which with leading Japanese and European OEMs, respectively.


Smart Eye exhibits for the first time at CES in Las Vegas with great success. Interior Sensing is introduced among other technologies.


Smart Eye receives its biggest order yet of 24 new design wins. In total, the company now has received 81 design wins with 12 automakers.


Smart Eye acquires Emotion AI pioneer Affectiva, setting out to lead the emerging Interior Sensing market.


iMotions, the leading provider of human behavior software, is acquired by Smart Eye and becomes a part of the Smart Eye Group.

Life at Smart Eye

It’s not only our technology that’s cutting-edge. Our newly redecorated headquarters in Gothenburg has been nominated as Sweden’s most beautiful office. Standing on the balcony overlooking the city’s harbour, it’s not hard to see why. If you’re not away visiting out international offices in Japan, China and the US, you can enjoy a breakfast buffet here every Monday morning.

During the week, you have access to coffee that would get the nod of approval from any Italian and a wide assortment of ecological teas from all over the world. Stick around until the bar opens on Friday afternoon, and you just might be served by an invention of ours: a robot bartender that learns your preferred beverage by looking into your eyes.

Open positions