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Smart Eye is the global leader in Human Insight AI, technology that understands, supports and predicts human behavior in complex environments. Since 1999, we have been on a mission to bridge the gap between humans and machines for a safe and sustainable future. Which is why we’ve come further than anyone. Today, our solutions enable deeper insights and unprecedented solutions in Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace, Assistive Technology, Media & Marketing, Psychology, and many more fields.

Human Insight AI

Technology can’t
learn to love.
But it can recognize it.

Connecting logic and emotions for a deeper understanding.

Eye tracking, object detection and computer vision let you see what’s going on in any given situation. But to truly understand what’s happening, you need to use both halves of the brain. Using machine learning, massive amounts of data and a multimodal approach, we are connecting logic and emotions to gain deeper insights into how humans interact with each other and the world around them. Making our solutions capable of capturing more than a person’s position, gaze or attentiveness, by identifying everyone’s mood and emotional state to get a high definition view of the big picture.

We build technology that understands, supports and predicts human behavior in complex environments.

Used all over the world. And above it.

Today, Human Insight AI is powering solutions in a vast number of fields and industries. Through our Automotive Solutions business area, we offer road-ready Driver Monitoring Systems and advanced Interior Sensing solutions. Built on two decades of automotive experience and proven by 90 design wins from 14 of the world’s leading car manufacturers, including BMW and Geely.

Our Research Instruments enable deeper insights into human behavior and human-machine interaction for NASA, Airbus, Boeing, Daimler, AUDI, GM, Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, RWTH Aachen, Tongji University, NBC Universal Media Lab and thousands of research organizations and universities around the world.

Our subsidiary Affectiva is pioneering Emotion AI, connecting machine logic with human empathy to gain deeper insights into consumer psychology and human behavior. Today, our solutions are used by 28% of the Fortune Global 500 and 70% of the world’s largest advertisers.

Human Insight AI

Our automotive
solutions put everyone’s
safety in the driver’s seat.

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