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End-to-end driver monitoring systems for fleet and aftermarket

High intelligence, great flexibility, and superior performance. Built on more than 20 years of automotive experience. Uses Smart Eye’s proven, automotive-grade DMS software for OEMs.

Designed to make every trip a safer journey

Driver Monitoring Systems have become an increasingly important safety feature in newer passenger cars. But drowsiness and distraction can occur in all drivers, in every type of vehicle. That’s why technology that monitors the driver’s state and behavior is just as important in trucks, buses and in the millions of cars already on the road.

AIS is Smart Eye’s end-to-end Driver Monitoring System for fleet and aftermarket. Using our proven, automotive-grade DMS software that has already been implemented in more than 1,000,000 cars on the road. With high intelligence, great flexibility and superior performance, AIS is increasing overall road safety for every installation.

Developed for:



Passenger cars

Built on 20 years of experience

Built to increase safety within public transport and commercial vehicles, our Fleet & Aftermarket solution is based on more than two decades of automotive experience. Designed to meet the high-quality demands of the automotive

industry, it unites our leading computer vision and AI algorithms with automotive-qualified hardware. The result is a complete, plug-and-play Driver Monitoring System that doesn’t leave anything to chance.

Intelligent features pave the way for safer driving

Our AI-powered software detects early signs of drowsiness or distraction. Helping protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and other road-users. With superior performance and intelligent features, AIS is developed to make every trip a safer journey.


Alerts when sleepiness, drowsiness or yawning is detected.


Makes sure that focus stays on the road with gaze tracking.

Dangerous behavior

Detects distractions like eating, drinking, smoking or mobile phone use.

High-accuracy recognition

Recognizes all kinds of faces, including those wearing a face mask or sunglasses.

Identifying, understanding,
and preventing

AIS combines high intelligence with great flexibility. The system is plug-and-play, making it easy to install and very cost-effective.

It’s also scalable and developed with several different output options for alarming the driver. AIS is easily upgraded and integrated with other systems and can be connected to a vehicle CAN bus for HMI integration.

A moving vehicle is a challenging environment for advanced sensing technologies. An effective driver monitoring system needs to be able to handle vibration and difficult lighting conditions for hours on end – while leaving no room for mistakes. When developing our Fleet & Aftermarket solution, we drew from over two decades of automotive experience to deliver a product that promises precision and reliability. Year in and year out.

AIS: A complete package in two sizes

AIS is a standalone hardware/software package that comes in two sizes. The system consists of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and a camera unit in two different size options: AIS 6 and AIS 12.

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The team behind the technology

Our automotive fleet and aftermarket solutions combine AI-based software and automotive-qualified hardware in end-to-end Driver Monitoring Systems. Our first plug-and-play DMS product, AIS, was launched in 2020, in response to the growing demand for standalone DMS for commercial vehicles and the aftermarket. Developed at our headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden, the technology is based on Smart Eye’s 20+ years of experience and massive amounts of real-world automotive data.

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