More than a bar tracker

Small in size, big on power

In need of a power bar? Experience XO – a remote eye tracking system combining the durability of a true dual camera solution and the high performance of Smart Eye Pro software. Connect it to any analyzation/visualization tool and discover the flexible way to track, measure and analyze.


Research grade software combined with true dual camera technology. Upgradable frame rate from 30 Hz to 120 Hz.

Get all the details,
and the bigger picture

XO is built for more than screen applications. The combination of technology and research grade software allows you to track in 3D environments and with multiple areas of interest.

Ready when you are

XO is your ready-to-go research instrument that requires no calibration, is easy to use and to mount on any surface. XO is always ready for on the fly research.


Big insights come in small packages.

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Turn data into insights.

Smart Eye Pro gathers a lot of interesting data. But instead of a lot of data, with our analysis tools, you can get something even more useful – Information.

We offer a range of software, developed by us or our partners, that help you get the most out of your data. This enables you to collect, analyze and visualize data from a variety of sources, such as eye tracking, scene-camera, screen-grab, physiological and simulator data. All or selected information can be output or ported to the platform of your choice.

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