Smart Eye to acquire iMotions

On October 26, 2021, it was announced that Smart Eye, the global leader in Human Insight AI is to acquire  iMotions, the leading provider of human behavior software. iMotions will be part of the Smart Eye Group but will continue to operate as an independently run, standalone company.

Since 2005, iMotions has provided the world’s leading biosensor software platform, that in real-time syncronizes data streams from multiple biosensors. Used by over 1,300 organizations around the world, the iMotions platform enables researchers to get to a more comprehensive understanding of human behavior much faster and easier.

By joining forces with iMotions, Smart Eye with its recent acquisition of Emotion AI pioneer Affectiva, will create a true, integrated powerhouse in delivering unparalleled insights into human behavior in automotive, research and beyond.

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Partnering for a Multi-Modal future

Smart Eye and iMotions to deliver unparalleled insights into human behavior

With the acquisition of iMotions, we are adding the software layer that enables fusion of multiple sensor data and the required analytics – thus taking the next vital step towards unlocking the potential for multi-modal human behavioral research.

By merging iMotions’ data fusion platform with Smart Eye’s and Affectiva’s sensing technologies, we are uniquely positioned to deliver automotive Interior Sensing AI that provides holistic insight into what’s happening with humans in a vehicle. Meanwhile, it enables us to accelerate growth of our Research Instruments and Media Analytics business areas.

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Get to know our new colleagues 🇩🇰

Welcome to the team

We welcome iMotions, the leading biosensor software platform, to the Smart Eye Group. By joining forces with iMotions, Smart Eye will accelerate its growth and solidify its leadership in multi-modal Human Insight AI. 

iMotions’ technology is used by more than 1,300 organizations, including more than 900 in academia and a substantial number of the top 100 universities. iMotions research has helped companies increase profits; unlock innovation by challenging conventional wisdom; evolve product and service innovation by meeting the real, changing needs of their customers; and re-imagine their entire product lifecycle – from R&D through to sales and marketing. It has also helped education customers publish more quickly, and more substantively, allowing them to increase grant opportunities.

In addition to strengthening Smart Eye’s overall offering, iMotions brings significant incremental revenues.

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Founder and CEO of iMotions

Meet the Entrepreneurial Gladiator Peter Hartzbech

Peter Hartzbech is an entrepreneur with a passion for building meaningful companies that extend across the globe. Driven by deeply personal experience and a desire to make a difference in the world through technology, Hartzbech founded iMotions at the age of 25. 

Prior to founding iMotions, Hartzbech worked at Ernst & Young Denmark and Venture Cup Denmark, where he advised start-up companies on business plans, strategic and financial issues. He has continued serving as an advisor throughout his career, supporting tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and visionaries through educational programs, award competitions and mentorship. He acts as a Business Angel Investor in start-ups and is a founding member of the ByFounders Fund. 

In December 2006, Hartzbech was named to Red Herring Magazine’s ‘Top 25 under 35.’ 

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Founder and CEO of Smart Eye

Meet Martin Krantz

Martin Krantz is the CEO and founder of Smart Eye, one of the world’s leading developers of AI-based eye tracking technology and driver monitoring system software. Guided by his vision of bridging the gap between humans and machines, Martin contributes his 20+ years of experience to automotive innovation and a growing number of research projects, leading to new insights and technological advancement. Recognized on TBD Media Group’s 2021 list of 50 Global Leaders, Martin is a world renowned expert in eye tracking and its commercial applications.

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