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Our AIS use infrared light to identify even the most subtle changes in the driver’s behavior. Through AI-powered software, the systems are able to detect early signs of drowsiness or distraction and prevent dangerous situations.

AIS combines high intelligence with great flexibility. The system is scalable and developed with several different output options for alarming the driver. It can easily be upgraded and integrated with other systems. The AIS can also be connected to a vehicle CAN bus for HMI integration.

The system consists of an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and a camera unit, mounted slightly below the line of sight in order to view the face of the driver. It has two different camera options: AIS 6 and AIS 12.

AIS Versions


AIS 6 consists of a camera unit and an electronic control unit. The camera is smaller in size than AIS 12, yet equal in precision and performance – making it the ideal choice for original installation in passenger cars. AIS 6 can be mounted 40-90 centimeters from the eyes of the driver.

AIS 12

AIS 12 comes in two versions: one is meant for aftermarket installation in passenger cars, and the other is designed for heavier commercial vehicles. Both versions can be equipped with a radio card to enable remote communication with the system and data management in a cloud-based backend solution. AIS 12 consists of an electronic control unit and a camera unit, to be placed 40-120 centimeters from the driver.

Camera Size: 67*17*25 mm
Active pixels: 1 MPixel
Working distance: 400-900 mm

AIS 12
Camera Size: 123*20*57 mm
Active pixels: 2 MPixel
Working distance: 400-900/700-1200 mm

  • Network Connectivity – BT Bluetooth BLE v5 (optional)
  • Power consumption <0.5 A (12.5V)
  • ECU Size 113*120*30 mm
  • Vehicle Connectivity 1xCAN
  • Standby current 0.1 mA
  • Visual angle 28° x 45° (vert x horiz)
  • IP ECU IP52; Camera IP52
  • Operating temperature -40 to +85 degrees
  • Frame rate 60 fps
  • Storage temperature +125 degrees
  • Wavelength 940 nm
  • Input voltage 9-36 V

Add-ons for AIS

Adjustable camera holder

A Smart Eye designed holder for the AIS camera unit. Enables adjustment in both horizontal and vertical directions for perfect alignment with the driver

Cabling Kit

– One coaxial cable with connectors for connecting the camera unit to the electronic control unit. Length: 1.7 m.
– One cable harness for power supply (and CAN where applicable). Connector for electronic control unit. Length: 2.0 m.

Note: cables are necessary but not included, as some prefer to make their own cables

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